While sending an email how to avoid being labeled as spam


Avoid Spam filters

All emails sent by you are not going to be a part of recipient’s inbox, if they are not a part of their inbox but sent by you means such emails are labeled as spam mail. There are almost 80% of emails are labeled as spam. If you are preparing for email campaigns you should be sure that the destination of your email would be recipient’s inbox instead of the spam.

In today’s age of technology, spam filters could waste your almost 25% effort by labeling your email as spam. In this article, we’ve sorted 10 reasons behind the spam labeling along with their solutions.

How an email labeled as a spam

Reason#1: There might be some spam trigger word in email subject line

In writing a marketing email, subject of an email could be considered as a most stressful job because you need to take care of different things like is it too long or too short? Will people get attracted by it or just delete the email? And the most important question is whether it could be a part of recipient’s inbox or labeled as a spam? Yes, an email could be labeled as a spam due to some spam trigger word in the subject line. If you have included the trigger words in your email they’re going to trap your email directly to the spam.

The short list of trigger words is enlisted below:

email spam trigger words

The Solution:

Keep the list of trigger words nearby you while writing an email, if you found it necessary to use these words, use them out of subject line. If you are keeping your subject line away from trigger words that mean your email is stepping towards the recipient’s inbox.

Reason#2: Does your email content all caps

Writing an email in caps is quite like yelling or shouting, don’t write an email in caps like “WE HAVE AN OFFER FOR YOU”. Seriously this is not a polite way of writing an email or conveying your message to the concern. If you’ve done this in your email the game is over then.

Reason#3: Does your email own a lot of exclamation marks?

If you have a habit of using exclamation marks in your email, now this is a time to change this habit. Usually, if you are using a lot of exclamation marks in your email they’ll consider you as an inexperienced person. Also remember an email with exclamation marks is simply considered as a spam email. Spam filters will efficiently detect and label such messages.

The Solution

Avoid the usage of exclamation points in your email especially in the subject line of your email message.

Reason#4: Email having attachments

Sending an email to the unknown recipient is filtered and labeled as spam email. ISPs know that the people send a lot of emails on daily basis along with the attachment are the spammers, therefore, the delivery of your emails will be affected.

You are writing a cold email to new contact and attaching some doc or pdf file make sure your email will be marked as spam.

The Solution

Don’t attach any file along with your email but if it requires a further description or detailed information, fulfill the requirements with the help of link. Include the link in your email instead of using an attachment.

Reason#5: Image ratio is higher than image

In your email, there should be more text than your images because the email having graphical overlay couldn’t reach to the recipient’s inbox. According to different research, the best practice of writing email is 60/40 text to the image. Usually, spammers use more images in the email, therefore, such emails are filtered by the spam easily. There is not a hard rule to declare the ration for spam free email but make it your thumb rule to write at least on a paragraph for an image.

Reason#6: Email contain various color or fonts

In your cold email if you have used different formatting style to prominent your text along with different colors just remember that your email is going to be filtered or labeled as a spam email. You might have done this for recipient’s attraction but be sure you could be stuck in spam filters.

The Solution

Keep your cold email as simple and attract the recipient with your words or offer not with the formatting and coloring.

Reason#7: Engagement based spam filtering

Engagement based spam filtering means if someone has subscribed to your marketing or promotional emails or you’re sending cold emails to your potential clients but they found it in their spam folder instead of the inbox. It could happen due to the engagement based spam filtering like you’re sending an email but mostly user just presses delete button without even click to open an email, the spam filter will check the engagement rate if they found it low the email will directly move to the spam folder.

The Solution

Stop sending an email that is not clicked or opened by the recipient, TrackKnight is available to serve you at this point. You may able to track the engagement rate of your emails.

Reason#8: Aggressive and non-recognized email

You are sending an email but the recipient has marked or reported it as unwanted or spam email because they are unable to recognize you via email address, name or content of your email. Therefore if they have marked your email as spam you’re unable to approach that person again.

The Solution

Personalize the content as well as the subject of your email in a proper way to approach your clients and discuss the purpose of your appearance in precise manners.

Reason#9: Persistent follow-ups

You are putting all your efforts in reaching the recipient’s inbox and taking care of spam filters too but your persistent follow-up in going to ruin your all efforts. If your follow-up messages are disturbing the recipient and you’re not letting them get free from your side you could be caught by the spam filters.

The Solution

Give reasonable time space in your follow-up messages and let the recipient breath.

Reason#10: Confusing subject line

There is no doubt that personalized emails always get higher response rates but for the higher email open rates, there is a strong need to have a catchy, innovative and content-specify subject line.

The Solution

Keep the subject line of your email clear, honest, personalize, catchy and encouraging.