Top 7 Email Marketing Tips To Increase Your Email Open Rates



Today email marketing is considered as a successful approach to stay connected with your targeted prospect and keep them engage with your promotions. But today’s prospect fully understands this term of marketing, therefore, they usually ignore your email and don’t bother to open it. A successful email marketing is to send an email and convert the recipient to the client but if they are not bothering to open your email it is difficult to convert them into clients. Today by keeping in view same instance we’ve listed top 7 email marketing tips that would assist you to increase your email open rates.

Email Marketing tips to increase email open rates

You’re putting all your efforts in email marketing but still unable to achieve the desired results even prospect is ignoring your email it means you’re doing something with the wrong approach. Review your email again and have a look if you found something from the followings:

Your prospect has an identity:

Before sending a cold email you should know details related to your prospect. Knowing about the prospect is not a difficult thing you may view their official website, their social media links and also can collect detail via building a relationship with some of their employees. You should be aware with whom you’re contacting, what is their designation because it’ll enhance their comfort level and they’ll notice it from their end too.

If you’re sending them cold emails without knowing about them they’ll get irritated and your email might be a part of spam. So during email marketing let your recipient feel safe and comfortable to build a relationship.

Review your email format:

Your email message should be in a consistent format that should be eye-catching and professional too. Sometimes marketer uses different email formats to appear different but it results in lower down email open rates. It might look different and good to you but for the prospect, such things are unprofessional and irritating. Therefore always keep the format consistent and professional that could be easily read and understood by the prospect.

Use your own email:

Instead of using company’s email address you should use your own email address. Usually, if you’re using your company or team’s email address for email marketing it’ll represent to the recipient as “Marketing Team / Sales Team” but your own email address will display your name along with designation. It really effects the email open rate because the prospect often feel hesitation unknown senders while feeling comfortable with customized and personalized sender detail.

Write precise and short email:

The prospect might busy and feels irritated to read long email messages from the unknown sender or marketing people, therefore, you should give respect to their time. Keep your email precise and short write in a way to deliver your message within few words or lines instead of engaging the prospect in unrelated discussions. If your email is bit long break the discussion in some paragraph.

Don’t forget the call to action button:

A call to action button could make it easy to convert your recipient to the client immediately. Place such button to some noticeable place in your email so it could be easily accessed by the prospect and they immediately decide to move with you. Add a call to action button along with Alt text, sometimes your button text or images couldn’t be seen by the prospect due to slow browsing here Alt text will help you. It’ll make things easy for the recipient to understand and take immediate action.

The addition of images:

In marketing email, the addition of relevant image will increase prospect’s understanding. Avoid the usage of irrelevant or access images if your email requires more images try to use online links of relevant images. Make it sure the images should be relevant and describe your offer or product because the visual appearance always plays an important role in the improvement of understanding.

Again don’t forget to use Alt text in your images that would be seen by the user if they’re facing difficulty in viewing the images.

Use your social media button:

You’re sending an email to unknown prospect and giving them some offer to join their hands with you, they also reserve right to know about you. If you’re adding social media links it’ll defiantly reduce their efforts of knowing about you. They’ll directly click to your social media icons and step forward to get the desired information. So, don’t forget to add such links for the ease of your recipient.