Top 4 Cold Email Mistakes Couldn’t Generate Leads


Cold email mistakes

In today’s time of technology cold email is an excellent way to generate leads for your business, if you’ve crafted an email that could leave an influence to the prospect means you’re on the way to generate a lead for your business. While writing a cold email there are top 4 mistakes that could be a hurdle in lead generation. As a result of successful cold email generation, a sales person will be able to communicate various prospects.

Top 4 Cold email mistakes

Send email to a wrong person

If you’re sending an email to some wrong person make sure all of your efforts are in vain because a wrong person will simply ignore your email. They don’t need to take notice or action in response therefore before sending any cold email collect credentials of right or concerned person. It is the important and non-complicated thing to send a cold email to concerned or decision makers. If you’re unable to gather the details of right person send a request to prospect “If you’re not a right person for this communication kindly connect me towards the concern”. This request will help you in connecting with the right person for effect results of cold email.

Your content is quite long

You’re are writing a cold email means you’re already requesting someone for some precious moments of their time now it’s your responsibility to avoid unnecessary details. Do remember that you’re sending a marketing email so don’t waste your words and prospect’s time in sharing unnecessary details. If your cold email is effective you’ll definitely get a chance for presentation, therefore, keep a difference between email and presentation. If you’ve sent a long email with brief details and prospect has ignored it by considering it a time wasting thing everything ends. So write down precise, short and to the point cold email that could be easily read as well as understood.

You’re unable to build trust

If you’re seeking a positive response from your prospect it is necessary to build trust with them. Why should they trust you, they don’t even know you and you’re requesting seeking for business from them why? These questions if a sales person is ignoring they’re definitely committing a mistake and couldn’t generate leads for their business. Now the question arises how could you build trust, use your name, provide a business introduction in one or two lines, provide your contact details and provide your digital business profile for a brief introduction. Such things could be mentioned in your email signatures and could help the prospect to check your credibility.

You’re not paying attention to follow-up

If you’re unable to get a response from your prospect after the first email doesn’t lose your heart because it could happen for several reasons. Your recipient might out of range, they might ignore your first email due to an overload of emails or work, they might don’t need your services at that specific time. You’re a sales person and for the generation of leads, it is necessary to keep a proper follow-up for your prospect. If you’re following your prospect that means you’re continuously showing concern for their attention. But if you’re quite after sending the first email that means their response doesn’t matter to you and after some time they’ll also forget about you. Here with “proper follow-up” it doesn’t mean to send emails on daily or hourly basis but it means to follow-up with updates, news or reminders with the distance of proper time period.