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Why Storytelling Is Scientifically Proven To Boost Sales?

Storytelling-Boost Sales

Storytelling is a great way to sell your product because fascinating your audience in the sale is as art.

Rivka Willick is a story coach, writer, and member of National Storytelling Network, according to Rivka “Storytelling is the hot new trend in sales But I’d say that only 20% of people who use it understand it, and the rest have no idea what they’re doing. A good salesperson knows how to talk; a great salesperson knows how to tell sales stories.”

The reason behind Sales Stories Selling:

Instead of boring presentations, sales stories leaves a deep influence on our mind and behavior. An attractive story can affect listeners on various levels. It’s no coincidence that storytelling is a skill that has stood the test of time. It is a way to build trust and relationship.

The influential force of stories has been well documented. A neuroeconomics pioneer, Paul Zak has performed different experiments and found that the stories that are extremely attractive and contain key elements can produce powerful responses by generating the statement of Oxytocin. This neurochemical endorse connection and encourages people to understand.

Though the stories that don’t have power to engage our mind with a proper beginning, middle and end are usually ignored. According to Zak:

“Stories are powerful because they transport us into other people’s worlds but, in doing that, they change the way our brains work and potentially change our brain chemistry — and that’s what it means to be a social creature”

If you want to improve your own skills of storytelling, follow some advice given by the experts.

Combine Realities With Story:

This is a fact that your story should be relevant to reality, John Jantsch is an author of just-released, says “I had a big revelation about the power of stories in the speaking I do, Duct Tape Selling: Think like a Marketer, Sell like a Superstar.” After giving the dozens of presentations more than 5 years “an audience member remarked afterward that I should add some stories to make it more interesting.”

So, next time “I added three or four stories to help illustrate main points. Six different people told me that even though they’d heard me give that talk on several occasions, it was the best I’d ever done.”

So by the help of combining the facts with attractive sale stories you may boost your sales.

Metaphors in Stories:

Sales people love should use a metaphor, because it is a convincing punch. Erik Luhrs is an author of “Be Do Sale” as well as a man behind the GURUS Selling System. According to Erik: “Stories, especially metaphors, work on the subconscious mind, In sales situations, stories allow the subconscious mind of the prospect to truly ‘get’ and see the valuable application of the solution.” Furthermore, he also says “all humans run 99 percent subconsciously and only 1 percent consciously” because neuro-linguistic programming demonstrates it.

Metaphors help our brain to experience a story, listening to a story dramatically change the things for you. Some researchers found an excellent thing during their research in Spain, that all part of our brain light up when we experience the event of the story.

“Metaphors like “The singer had a velvet voice” and “He had leathery hands” roused the sensory cortex. […] Then, the brains of participants were scanned as they read sentences like “John grasped the object” and “Pablo kicked the ball.” The scans revealed activity in the motor cortex, which coordinates the body’s movements.”

Avoid irrelevance:

In order to get the attention of your audience avoids the irrelevant stories, because with the irrelevant stories you may lose their attention. Sam Richter is a CEO of SBR and the Social Selling Institute, based in Minneapolis, Minn. According to SAM “It’s not just storytelling; it’s relevance, you have to understand what the other person is doing and you really have to do their homework. If someone told me a story and it had nothing to do with what I care about, it’s a waste of time. But if it’s a shared connection, or something I’m looking to achieve with my company, then that’s the key to it.”


If you want to boost your sales, storytelling is an effective way. You might wonder, by seeing the difference in your sales after applying and improving the storytelling technique. At the end I will like to suggest you that try this change and experience the difference, I am sure u will love that experience.

The best time to send email for getting response from the recipients


If you are working in email marketing campaign and need the response from the recipients, it is essential to know about the best time of sending your messages. Often people read the message within one hour but after 24 hours the chances to response would be almost finished. Therefore if you send an email at the wrong time the chances of success could be over.

Here we’ll share the best time to send your email messages to get replies.

What would be the best day to send email for getting a response?

Now this is really a question that if emails sent on weekends got a response, my answer would be yes of course actually, it receives a high rate of response. No need to be surprised, normally a load of emails on weekends is significantly low therefore the recipients would be available to pay attention and reply. According to a search, the email rate is low on weekends if someone is receiving 1000 emails on normal weekdays, on weekends it will be reduced to the 300-400 emails. Low email receiving means they got some time to review and respond your email message on the other hand if you send right email on right time but on the wrong day of a week, you will be not able to get response or review.

According to a search of Dan Zarella’s the best day to send your email message is Saturday and Sunday while the best timing would be 6 am because this is a time when open rates are the highest. There are different studies and different results to whom should you believe?

To get the information you should test the research by yourself. It is a better option instead of considering anyone’s thought. You might be thinking how to test? So we are here to guide you it is not tough let suppose you have 1000 clients to whom you have to send the emails. Schedule the time of email sending at a different time and different days. You will be able to get your desired result and with the consistent result, it will get confirmation that your tested results are efficiently proved.

What would be the best time to send email for getting a response?

Now this is a question that actually matters because the success of email marketing campaign depends on client’s engagement with that. According to some beneficial research it is being observed that almost 23% emails open within the 1st hour of delivery and with the passage of time the chances will reduce like during 2nd and 4th hour it will be 8%, in next 15 hours chances will be reduced to 3% while in 24 hours they could be 1% and after 24th hour the chance will be close to 0%. Almost 40% of emails sent between 6 am and noon and the email sent in the early morning and afternoon will get better chance to be noticed by the recipients and client’s busy or tough times would be 9 am to 11 am and 3 pm to 4 pm. During these tough times, they might have burden or work and email messages.


The best time of sending emails is the time of lowest email volumes, it could be early morning and afternoon. During your email marketing campaign doesn’t forget:

  • Email open and reply rates are maximum on the weekends because inbox competition is low.
  • People often response in the early morning or in evening.

Which Of These 7 Sales Metrics Should You Prioritize?

Every salesperson knows the importance of tracking, testing and the measurements of different metrics it will help in the improvement of performance. There are different sales tools available for the measurements of tasks and performance but now question arises, which thing actually we need to measure, because this measurement will directly impact to goals of the organization.

As the CEO of Intradiem Matt McConnell wrote, “Even leading organizations can feel overwhelmed and have difficulty making decisions with the mass of information available”

Today in this article we are going to break down 7 important metrics of the sales that should be prioritized to boost your sales performance.


Lead Source:

It is important to measure that how much your sales leads are the response of your online as well as offline lead sources. The ability to track or measure is not such easy but a vital sale metric. John Wanamaker said that:

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

So, for any company, it is important to know that whether their marketing team is properly working or now? How many clients are generated by help? And how could you rate their performance in the progress of your organization? It will surely help you out in knowing the flaws and their possible solutions too.

Average Order Value (AOV):

If you are measuring the average order value it will help you to evaluate the overall sales strategy. Basically, it will help you in developing the new strategies according to the goals of the organization and will evaluate that how strategies are working? What are the changes required to increase your sales?

It will change the focus of marketer in knowing about the improvement of the product qualities, AOV helps them to find out the best solutions for their client’s problems.

pipeline-trendManage your sales pipeline:

Management of sales pipeline is an important thing to drive revenue growth of your company. It allows you to determine the performance of your sales team members. It is a useful concept to measure the demand for your products and services. It will help you to work according to customer’s demand and creating a sales cycle for trustworthy results.

Sales pipeline will help you to figure out the lack points and the best possible solutions for the success.

Lead Response Rate:

In today’s business, the companies are more focused to generate the sales leads with online resources and response speed is the key. The lead response rate is a metric that should be top ranked and improved over time. Rapid response time can increase the performance of your sales team. It is a significant metric which needs to be measure because Peter Drucker says:

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

And if you are unable to manage it you can’t improve it. The lead response will help you to conclude what actually needs to be done for the improvement of your business sales.

sales velocity

Sales Velocity:

Sales velocity is basically a measurement of how quick the business deals are closed or how quick the product is sold out. It is a measurement to estimate the calculation for sales. If sales velocity is higher the efficiency for the growth of your business is also higher. As Timo Rein has explained in Pando Daily article:

“Sales velocity is the average time deals stay in the pipeline before they are won.”

Lead Scores:

Lead Scoring is a significant component of the efficient sales process. Lead scoring is a technique of filtering the quality of leads. Lead scoring will help your sales team in different matters like:

  • It helps your sales team to find out the potential clients and save their time from cold leads.
  • It helps to reduce the sales cycle
  • Lead Score is a process that makes you able to focus on the quality of your efforts.

Pipeline Growth:

Pipeline growth is an important factor to generate the sales revenue. It is important to keep the pipeline full and growing and will help the sales team to get chances to close more deals and generating new business because the sales team needs to drive business continuously, any dull movement can affect the growth and revenue of your organization.

To be remembered: They’re No One-Size-Fits-All technique to Sales Metrics:

You should choose the metrics that are valued to your team’s goals, they will surely help you in the performance of your sales representative.

The 3 Pillars of Sales Team Success

Sales Team Success

The sales team is considered as a backbone or the strength of any business because this is the department that generates the revenue for any organization. A sales management priorities review points out that business development is dealing with two issues:

  • Implanting a deep understanding of prospects within their sales process
  • Improving efficiency

Here we will discuss the details to enhance the business by enhancing the sales productivity. The three pillars that would enhance the performance of sales team are mentioned below:

Centralized Culture:

Steve W. Martin, is a sales strategy professor at University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, he wrote in Harvard Business Review: “There is no single greater influence over the success of the sales organization than how the sales leadership creates the sales culture and environment for the people who will work for them”.
It is an important thing to have a centralized culture in an organization. In any central culture organization the decision would be taken by the leaders, and if the leader creates the centralized culture it will be a key to the successful sales team. It completely depends on the leader to create the culture. It encourages leaders to take following steps:

  • Bond the performance of team members to particular revenue goals.
  • Implementation control and command direction, but give the space, independence, and flexibility to attain goals by using their own strengths.
  • Encourage a DIY (Do it yourself) attitude
  • Raise their spirits by sharing the performance data.
  • Encourage them to maintain their high energy level.

Make Time Management Priority:

Time management is an important factor because as said: “Time and Tide wait for none”. We can say that “time is money” especially for the sales team but time management is the most challenging for them. They need more leads, revenue, and appointments in less time. If the sales team is efficiently managing their time, they could increase their sales too. Effective time management is necessary to getting through your tough schedule. Time management is not just about time; it is true objective is to emphasize your time on the most significant, high impact actions as a means of maximizing your efficiency and sales success.
Project management, time tracking tools, and CRM system should be assessed at organizational level because time management is the necessary to achieve the organizational goals instead of the individuals.

Simplify Your Compensation plan:

For the success of sales team, it is important to simplify the sales compensation plan of any organization. “Make it simple” should be the main objective of your compensation plan, it needs to be simple enough so sales team understand accurately how their performance associated with pay. Complex plans make it problematic for administrators to compute expenditures and for the sales team to know their payout structure will result in wasted money and unsatisfied, less creative sales team. The compensation plan should be simplified enough to support the sales models. Reward encourage learning, endorse cross-selling, and produce repeat revenue through current clients.


Workflows are essential to complement current procedures, it means that you shouldn’t attempt to fit a four-sided bolt in a round hole. Your team is a precious resource for defining the procedures, skills, and tools that you’ll need to attain sales team success. Always test before taking final decisions, and work with your team to gather a response and provide references. This response loop will be vital for making a system that works.

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