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Why Email Deliverability Matters?

Email DeliverabilityEmail deliverability matters equally for all. The measurement of emails successfully reached to the inbox without bouncing and being marked as spam. It is a critical issue for brand and businesses. Marketers are seeking for possible solutions because by taking it as a challenge.  Email delivery rate can be measured easily through some paid or free email tracking software. This rate of delivered email is highly impacted to the client’s engagement and deal closing ratio. Different factors are involved in email deliverability including content, subject, and spam filters etc.

The word email delivery actually means that the message is successfully reached to the prospect’s inbox. Now the questions arise what actually an email require for an inbox delivery. Following factors are highly affected by it:

Prospect’s Permission

The prospect or the audience has provided an accurate email address for communication and information collection.

Audience Engagement

The marketing department is sharing information but the audience isn’t responding to even open it. It may affect the engagement level. An email with low engagement level may also affect the successful inbox delivery.

Email Frequency

It doesn’t mean to send a bundle of emails but associated with the relevant messages. The message contains relevant and authentic information improves the engagement level as well as email frequency.

Sender Reputation

Sender reputation is another essential factor behind successful email deliverability. If a sender is used to send regular spam emails, it will mark bad reputation. Sender bad repute will affect business branding or email marketing.

Email deliverability is important to convey the message in specialized manners. The regular practice or delivering an email on regular basis produce outstanding results of digital marketing.

Top 5 Essential Steps for a Flawless Sales Pitch

Flawless Sales Pitch

Sales pitch matters for closing a deal. If the salesperson is confident about their sales pitch within their emails or other communications, it might expect to deliver desired outcomes. It is a challenging task because the first step always needs attention and complete research. A perfect sales pitch is strongly required for successful sales. Knowing the audience is one of the most important steps in crafting it. Some of the essential steps for a flawless sales pitch are enlisted below:

Highlight the Benefits

Highlighting the benefits of product/services is an attractive way to grab audience’s attention. It open doors for effective and continues communication. List down few major advantages for client’s business with the support of product/services.

A Truthful Pitch

The product/services a salesperson is trying to sell require their own trust and believe. By trusting or believing the services is important to demonstrate your passion. Demonstration of passion is important for successful sales. It automatically supports in crafting flawless sales pitch.

Be Short and Conclusive

A short but conclusive business introduction is required to reveal actual business details. An evaluator pitch is one of the best traits to present an idea and let the audience understand the details with smooth communication.

Be an Expert

While dealing with a customer always remember that you’re an expert. Complete the homework and be prepared for all possible questions. The answers should clear that things and handling criteria. It keeps the audience engaged by enhancing their interest.

Personalize the Pitch

A flawless sales pitch is always personalized and offers an opportunity to talk about their earlier successful activities. Personalization of a pitch is helpful in understanding the salesperson’s personality as well as business criteria.

Establishment of long-term successful relationship is dependent on the flawless sales pitch. Once attention is successfully grabbed, clients are required to have a comprehensive follow-up. Communication follow-up through some email tracking software is another efficient way to proceed towards the successful long-term relationship.

Review an Email Marketing List Management

Email Marketing List Management

Email marketing list management is essential for the evaluation of quality audience. It is beneficial for both sales as well as marketing perspective. The list should be consistently reviewed for improvement and maintenance. Various questions can be considered for a successful review the drives towards the best outcomes. Some important questions are enlisted below:

Lead Creation Date:

Is lead creation date mentioned in the list? This date is important to know the age of prospect’s relationship with an organization. Business usually generates a lead for a specific time period, the purpose of mentioning date is to get acknowledgment. The contract might require a renewal, it can be easily seen and chased by reviewing the list.

The source of Lead:

This information should also mention in an email marketing list for a deep insight into potential and best customers. The list can be sort through best and worst referral to estimate prospect trust as well as input.

Data Completion Ratio:

Don’t forget to analyze the list whether it is offering best customer insights or not. Reviewing a list means to point out the information not available in the list including contract start & end date, important features offered, email address and contact number etc.

Data Accuracy:

While generating an email marketing list ensure data accuracy because it can be utilized at various points. The handling of inaccuracies is a key factor in marketing efforts because it supports the establishment of a strong relationship between prospect and business.

Email marketing list management is a significant method to re-engage old clients and generate new but quality leads. Some free email tracking software can also support in tracking and maintaining a list.

Is Customer Retention Strategy Important In Marketing?

Customer Retention

Customer retention includes the activity or the action that organization takes to reduce client’s problems for a long term relationship. The purpose behind customer retention strategy is to support business in maintaining and retaining clients. It includes the initiatives to enhance brand and customer loyalty to build a lifetime relationship. Once an effective relationship is built with the customer it supports in business revenue growth by attracting new clients. If existing customers are entertaining properly it will attract the new ones and improve the product engagement.

Benefits of Customer Retention Strategy

Usually, this customer retention strategy is ignored by the organization. But if they shifted focus from client acquisition to their retention it will effectively support business growth. Implementation of customer retention strategy is beneficial for:

Identification of new clients and offer infinite new sales opportunities.

  • Building a constructive relationship with clients.
  • Identification and rectification of organizational flaws in operations as well policies.
  • Enhancement of brand loyalty and reputation.
  • Improvement in understand client’s demand and requirements.
  • Increased business revenue and sales.

Customer retention strategy is important sales and marketing tactic especially during business down time. It is significantly a cost effective approach for clients while attaining new customers is quite an expensive approach.

If the business is ignoring this important approach to marketing it will affect their reputation. Here the efforts of customer front line representative are required to ensure quality services. Successful marketers always pay attention to this aspect and ensure that clients are served with best services. If customers are displeased and difficult to handle, customer retention strategy defines a roadmap to entertain and satisfy them.

How Successful Marketer Schedule Daily Task?

successful-marketerScheduling of daily tasks is very important in someone’s life. Consistent improvements can be tracked and made by scheduling it. A successful marketer always prefers it because they believe in making day to day improvements. It is an essential pathway to chase daily performance from different aspects. They schedule daily task and prepare a summary for improvement.

Create a Comprehensive Day Plan

Marketing person might work as an email marketer or personally visit clients. They are well-aware with the fact, it is impossible to stick with one project or deal with one client within a day. Therefore, they have to make a complete day plan to execute their time in an efficient way. List down the day goals and use it as a checklist for accomplishment.

Track Competitors

While working in same market or industry be aware of competitors and their success rate. A successful marketer knows the worth to be in the market. They track the performance and growth rate of their competitors and ready to get advantage from their mistakes. They understand the competitive strategies and plan accordingly.

Track Team Performance

Successful marketers are well-aware to the efforts of team members. They know that success is fully dependent on their team’s activities. They spend time with the team to discuss new tricks and their approach. They also track their team’s performance by using some online email tracking software. They constantly monitor how team’s efforts benefit their business.

Listen, Read and Write

Successful marketers are good listeners, they prefer to listen to other’s view as well as client’s requirements. They don’t forget to listen to their team’s suggestions too. They also spend a great amount of their spare time in reading different blogs, articles, and newsletters to understand new terms. Reading will automatically improve their decision making and planning skills. They also love to write in an attractive and efficient way. They know how to attract clients through writing power and they positively use that.

Successful marketers never forget to organize their daily tasks for consistent evaluation of their business and team performance.

Close Deals Quicker With TrackKnight

Free Email Tracking Software

Sometimes there is not any direct source of communication with prospect and email is the only mode available. After sending an email sender keeps waiting till getting any response from the prospect. They even don’t know whether an email is opened by the recipient or not. The confusion of delivery is still there, till prospect’s response. Here different free email tracking software is available to make sender’s life easier.  This software supports the prospect in reviewing an email open, read and click-through rates. Such software reserves a significant importance in email marketing.

TrackKnight is one of the most important email tracking software available in the market. It efficiently tracks the result of an email to improve its efficiency. This is a tool to attain all important information regarding email events. When and who have opened it, whether they’ve clicked the available links or not.

Its analytics efficiently work to provide event tracking reports. It is an undoubtedly a time-saving approach to for marketing and management team. Along with prospect’s information, it allows higher authorities to manage their team’s performance. It is highly beneficial to increase sales as well as marketing team’s productivity. Prospect’s engagement level, as well as sales rep’s activities, can be easily followed. It offer’s real-time notification direct in the email whether it is Gmail or Outlook.

The point of attraction is its user-friendliness. It offers free as well as paid version that eases team according to their requirement. It meets the satisfaction level at a price. If the goals are clearly defined to sales or marketing team, TrackKnight is the best choice to get support in their achievement.

Traits of Highly Successful Salespeople

Highly Successful Salespeople

Salespersons are the future of a business, two type of people can be found in this field. One own personality traits naturally while the other work to develop them. The success of a salesperson is reliant on those traits. These characteristics are important to understand and develop to excel in the field. Common traits of highly successful salespeople are enlisted below.

  1. Initiative Appetence

Successful sales people never wait for the opportunity or the clients. They are always ready to take new initiatives because this thing keeps them in form and connected.

  1. They Focus Listening

Sales person always pay attention to client’s demand. They listen and understand the requirements carefully. Once a salesman starts listening to client’s requirements it will be easier to deliver the best.

  1. Persistent

During sales career the familiarity with word “No” is necessary. Highly successful salespeople are always confident and persistent.

  1. Positive

A positive attitude is strongly required for a salesperson to approach clients and keep them engaged till the closing. Stay positive and cheerful during the work to complete it successfully.

  1. Passionate

Salespeople are always passionate about their work and product or services they’re offering. They share information to the clients with an element of passion and excitement.

  1. Time Management

Highly successful sales person efficiently manages their time and got more opportunities to improve their leads.

Salespeople are always fully prepared to face the situation. They enjoy working and meeting with people, therefore they’re good in link building. They build strong bonding to customers and develop a trustworthy relationship. They constantly track an email or other correspondence tools to improve their business strategies.

Pros & Cons of Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a digital message for customers that could be used in a variety of techniques including:

  • Building Brand Loyalty
  • Seeking New Clients
  • Engaging Customers
  • Plan Email Marketing Campaign
  • Retaining Clients

In today’s development, it is used in the place of direct mailing. Direct mail doesn’t allow constant and proper tracking but email marketing does. A variety of Outlook email tracking plugin available in the market to follow the email and record its events for better outcomes. It is a popular marketing approach with maximum ROI.  According to the experts, it is a most effective marketing tactic for the direct communication among business and its clients. It keeps customer aware of current promotions and builds a strong relationship through informative content.

Email Marketing Pros

Email marketing is beneficial for business in many ways, some of them are:

  • It is a cost-saving approach because it doesn’t require and printing and postage charges.
  • It delivers the message directly to the targeted audience.
  • Email Marketing is a trackable communicational tool. It let the business track their client’s engagement rates through analytics report.
  • A marketer can maintain and update the list of email addresses associated with their potential customers.
  • It directs the traffic towards the business
  • Customized marketing email can build a comfortable and strong relationship with business and prospect.
  • It is a change to efficiently prove and demonstrate your business expertise.

Cons of Email Marketing

  • Sometimes prospect doesn’t bother to open an email by considering it as spam.
  • It requires consistent updates to grab prospect’s attention.
  • Email marketing approach is used by various brands, Therefore, it seems difficult to reserve different identity.

Through pros and cons of it is quite clear that email marketing is an easy as well as cost-effective approach. It is a challenging approach that improves brand’s visibility in effective manners. An email tracking software support in passing the message successfully through spam filters. It invisibly sticks to your message and track click and open rates and share real-time insights within the mailbox.

How to Write an Effective Formal Email for Prospect?

Effective Formal Email

It is quite difficult to write an email to the prospect for very first time. An email necessarily requires being formal and effective. An email should be clear, to the point and follow the standard of formal writing.

Difference B/W Informal and Formal Email

An informal email message has fragments and comma merges while formal writing owns conjunctions, transition words, and complete sentences. A short list of formal and informal writing differences is given below to make thing clearer.

Formal Writing Informal Writing
Own complete sentence Don’t always have complete sentence
Contractions are not allowed Contractions can be used
Use conjunctions Comma splices
Paragraph format Resembles text messages
Punctuations are essential Lack of punctuations
Formal greetings Informal greetings
Formal sign-offs Informal sign-offs

These are few differences of formal and Informal email writings that are important to understanding while writing to a prospect.

Writing an Effective Formal Email

While writing an effective formal email prepare a checklist of the following format to ensure its effectiveness.

  • Always use the professional email address to exhibit sender’s identity and ensures email’s security to the prospect. e.g.
  • Avoid the usage of non-professional fonts within an email. Font style, color, and size both should be professional and consistent throughout the message.
  • The subject line should accurately describe the purpose of writing with the use of keywords.
  • An effective formal email contains proper salutation to address the recipient.
  • Use the first paragraph for the purpose of a proper You are writing to a prospect and they don’t even know you, it is essential to give them an introduction to building a relationship.
  • Be formal and straightforwardly come to the purpose of your writing in an official way.
  • Avoid the irrelevant content including the jokes and emoji.

Once an effective formal email is written, utilize some of the time to proofread. Proofreading is an efficient approach to make it free from grammatical and spelling errors. Don’t forget to utilize the services of some free email tracking software gather the outcomes of your efforts.