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Does An Email Tracking Software Always Work?


An email tracking software is usually used for today’s sales and marketing persons. It is used to follow your messages as well as team performance. Professionals use this tracker to know what is happening after hitting send button. They will be able to know whether the message has been opened, read and clicked or not. In simple words, this is an approach to optimize whether the prospect is interested in your business offer or not. Such tracking software is undoubtedly the powerful tools available in the market to know customer’s engagement. This software follows & work with an email without notifying the prospect or message receiver. It will be an invisible tracking to track your message and receiver details. Now here a question could arise, whether it always work or might be a chance of lacking is available.

There are some situations that may prevent an email tracking software to perform its tasks. Some of the important reasons that may stop an email tracking software to work are enlisted below:

Email Tracker Blocking

There are a variety of applications are available in the market for web and mobile. They support in blocking an email tracker. If a prospect has any of the plugin installed to prevent an email from tracking. There is no other approach available to get your message insights. These applications effectively used for Gmail and outlook whether in mobile or desktop.

Group Messages


If sales and marketing email messages are sent to the group, it is difficult to know who actually have opened the message. If you’ve sent a group email it will notify that someone has opened your message. It will not be clear who actually have read and clicked the message. It may harm your decision making and reduced tracking effectiveness.

Prevent Auto Image Loading

An email tracking software works with the support of auto-load images. If salesperson or marketer is not already in prospect’s contact list. They may use different image blockers that prevent to image autoloading. Image auto loading prevention has blocked email tracker working. If your 1st email is not getting a response or showing any tracking insights, it simply means the image isn’t autoloaded.

Marketer, salespersons, and advertisers always want to know more and more about their potential audience to improve their services and stay connected. Therefore, they use to share some of their updates and other engaging content to prospect. While they’re sending a message, it is not a simple message to keep the audience engaged. They use to attach some invisible tracker to follow email event and activities.

Today’s prospect is fully aware of this trick of marketers. Therefore, they sort around the tactics to prevent the message from follow-up. A single chrome extension may secure an account from any sort of tracking and follow-up. Some of the users is not interested in downloading an extension they may simply turn off Gmail automatic image downloading. This is a time to educate the prospect that a secure and effective email tracking software couldn’t harm their data and privacy.

What Common Mistakes An Email Tracking Software Identify?

Email Tracking Software Identify

Email marketing is one of the most common approaches to utilize get direct access to your client. There are a lot of software available to engage the audience automatically with different campaigns. The technique of email marketing may get failed if not utilized properly. Your message could reach directly to the spam folder and may not get accessed by the prospect. The message could encounter a variety of common mistakes that require an Email tracking software to identify and remove in a precise way.

While running an email marketing campaign, your 1st approach should be accessing prospect’s inbox. If you want to reach directly to the inbox, the message should content informative, strong and readable content to engage your audience. Such content may develop their interest and drive your marketing successful sale lead. There are a lot of tools available in the market that support in email automation. If you’re providing content that might mislead your audience and prospect it will redirect your message to the spam folder. Here we have enlisted few common mistakes than an email tracker identifies in different ways. All of these errors could be fixed on successful identification.


Aggressive Writing

Aggressive writing is not much appreciated in your marketing emails. Most of the marketing email communications contain brainstorm ideas and impressive sales pitch. If your message contains aggressive phrases for example:

  • Thanks in advance
  • I’ll be grateful
  • Looking forward to hearing/work
  • Hope you don’t mind
  • For your information
  • Let me clarify etc.

All of these phrases are according to a different scenario, you’re saying that prospect should do it. Or you’re expecting specific output from them to be grateful. The email was observed more depressingly.

Bad Email Time

You’re writing an email message or running a complete campaign. While sending messages to prospect your timing does matters. In other others, timing is considered as everything when we talk about marketing messages. We can’t specify any timing because it variates according to industries. No one can define timing for your message campaign but your own experience. You’ll be able to collect accurate information with your own testing. You may use different email tracking software to get the required results. It will support the acknowledgment of the best email timings for your prospect according to business niche.

Impersonal Subject Line

Email subject plays important role in marking it as a spam message. This importance of subject line couldn’t be denied because it is empowered to grab prospect attention at once. Make sure to write a line that is most appealing and create curiosity to know more about the message. An appealing subject line is most engaging from different aspects. It supports the prospect to take a decision whether they should read the message or delete at once. The purpose of a subject line to boost prospect engagement and support in campaign success. You need to surf time in researching and creating quality lines.

Message Is Not Mobile Optimized

Today’s audience is normally smartphone user, therefore while running a campaign they should be considered. If you’re taking care of your subscriber or prospects by organizing your message it will increase their engagement. A responsive and well-designed email template is easily readable to all of your audience. If marketer/salesperson is taking care of prospect ease it will definitely increase their message open rate. If an email message is not properly rendering to smartphone device, the prospect will simply delete it. Therefore, if you aren’t getting a response to your messages the reason might be a non-responsive layout.


Email Customization Error

The common mistake an email tracking software identifies is message customization. You shouldn’t create a message that sounds robotic. Normally marketers create messages during email campaign that sounds auto-generated. Your message should be well customized from different factors. You may call the customer by their name and modify different factors. Privatization of email message make easy communication and develop a level of comfortability. Your prospect feels more comfortable to communicate. You may tailor an email to increase your conversation and message open rates. A personalize message support in building a meaningful, strong and deep relationship to your prospects.

Grammatical Errors

Grammatical errors may embrace the brand. While an email marketing campaign your grammatical mistakes may judge and could not be ignored. It may affect your communication as well as reputation. If you want to attain your audience positive attention, it is necessary to proofread your message before forwarding it. Identify all grammatical and spelling factors and fix them accordingly. There is a variety of software available in the market that supports in proofreading your email message. Your impression matters, therefore, it is necessary to recognize your message errors and eliminate for effective communication.

Lacking Call to Action

A clear CTA should be included in your marketing emails. You have a communication with clients through an email campaign. Your message has been successfully delivered and read by the prospect. Now they don’t have time to reply back but they’re interested in placing an order. It is necessary to display a clear call to action button or link for prospect ease. They should immediately generate an order or contact your back without having any long procedure. A call to action is actually a direction provided to prospect, what should they do after reading your message. A CTA is essentially required to place an order, contact the owner, sharing an information and learn more etc. If you’re not including CTA to your email messages it might create a problem in getting a response from the client.



Final Thoughts

These are the few important but common mistakes an email tracking software identify and support in fixing. Email marketing campaigns are time-consuming but if you’re repeating these mistakes it might not be able to drive effective results.

How to Take Complete Control over Inbox to Track an Email?


Email communication is today’s most useful and rapidly using approach to connect personally and professionally. Especially it seems convenient and fast to professionally communicate through an email. Marketers use this channel to directly reach within the prospect’s inbox. Whether you own some personal mailbox or using it professionally a new message will surely create curiosity. It is important to take complete control over inbox to track an email and manage your messages accordingly. Manage your inbox according to the message priority, it supports in staying clear regarding your vision and save from any distraction.

Steps to Control Over Inbox

There are different approaches available to control your inbox messages.

Time Setting

There might be a busy schedule is facing you that make it difficult to check your email messages on the daily or hourly basis. Set your time of checking your inbox and responding accordingly. If you have logged in your message box all time, it may change your focus and attention. While you’re busy with some task and a message alert can disturb you by changing the focus. Such interruption should not be allowed. Therefore, schedule a specific amount of time to check your messages and respond accordingly.

Differentiate Between Personal and Professional

There should be a clear difference between your personal and official email addresses. If you’re going to mix them together, get yourself ready for a lot of confusion that may drive towards the blunders. It is necessary to create boundaries for your personal and professional communication. If you are using same email ID for both it may create different problems including:

  • Official email might be checked by your boss
  • It is not public property
  • Official account couldn’t be recovered if you’ve moved on
  • All of your important contacts will be left behind

So it is essential to create boundaries between an official and unofficial account. Two separate accounts will keep you more focused by eliminating the chances of errors.

Organize Your Inbox

One of the most important features to control over your inbox is to efficiently organize it. Don’t mess your inbox with a lot of relevant and irrelevant emails. Try to organize it according to label and folders. Important correspondence should be pinned to prioritize. Company details, contracts should be kept in separate folders. Your categorization and mailbox organization make it search-friendly.

Unsubscribe Unwanted Newsletters

Interacting the clients directly in their inbox has become today’s marketing trend. You might have subscribed a lot of newsletters and promotional updates. Marketers use to send emails on regular basis. Therefore, during inbox organization find out the messages or senders, you’re not interested in. Unsubscribe from all additional message sender and clear your inbox from all junk or irrelevant messages.

If an inbox receiving a lot of messages on daily basis, it will reduce email readability. At the same time having unread messages could automatically increase your frustration too. Now if your email is unorganized, means you’re unable to find whether the message is important or not. It will maximize the level of frustration that may distract you. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the above-mentioned steps to take complete control over inbox and track an email accordingly.

Email Marketing Practices Important To Know

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an efficient and cost-effective approach to market your audience. It builds a relationship with your audience and customers. Email isn’t randomly sent to some unknown person but share with known subscribers. An email campaign is usually sun to share all updated information to subscribers who are interested in listening to you on regular basis. Email marketing is a productive approach to directly connect with your targeted audience and turn them into regular clients. An email is productive if and only if it’s content to grab reader’s attention.

Essential Practices for Email Marketing

Here are top 5 essential and common practices for marketing emails that the professionals should follow. By following these tips and tricks a marketer and business owner gradually improve their worth in front of the audience and the clients.

Message Personalization

Email personalization helps the audience in feeling that the message is specifically sent to them. It eliminates the feeling of automatic messages. Your audience feels that you’ve spent time in order to communicate them. The subject line of an email to the call-to-action all matters in building a relationship and connection with your prospect. If you’re using 2nd person (you, your etc.) it will drive excellent results.

Right Email Marketing Software

Today, technology has modified that approaches to connect your targeted audiences. In the same way, right email marketing software is required to identify your lacking. Deliverability of an email to prospect’s inbox is necessary for effective results. Find out some tracker to that suites with your business and provide you effective results. Follow your own message whether it reached to accurate place or not, in the same way, if it is read.

Subject Line Relevancy

Once message successfully reached to prospect’s inbox. Your subject plays an important role in appealing them. A relevant and precise subject line is going to grab their attention. Make sure to keep it short but highly-relevant. If your subject line grabs their attention they’ll definitely spend time in knowing more about it. Here an important thing to consider is, your subject line might be a reason to spam your message.

Mobile Friendly

During an email, creation keeps prospect’s ease in your view. Today, people find it difficult to turn the PC on to review your message. Therefore, keep it mobile friendly and easily readable to them. Keep the formatting more appealing including font and image size etc.

A mobile-friendly message leaves a good impression to prospect. It also increases prospect engagement ratio. Being a marketer customer satisfaction is one of the important factors to consider.

Informative & Valuable

Keep your message content more informative and productive for the prospect. Don’t share irrelevant information that may waste their time. Your content formatting and worth are important to turn the visitor into clients. If they find it un-valuable, you can’t stop them hitting the delete button. Marketing is a thing to understand your prospect’s desire and level of satisfaction.

Besides all of these points don’t forget to check your grammatical errors in such conversations. Put all of your efforts in enriching your client’s satisfaction level. Stay relevant and informative to keep their interest in your conversations. Here, an effective email tracking software may support in keeping you more vibrant in your strategies.

Top 10 Best Email Tracker Free Software of 2017

Email Tracker Free

Consistent monitoring enables a business, person, and team to grow and excel with positive energy. Your customer, as well as internal communication, is one of the most important factors that requires continues monitoring. It enables you to understand where actually you stand and what you want to achieve in life. There are a lot of email tracker free and paid are available in the market to ease your life as a marketer, sales person, and business owner. There might some limitation between a paid and free version. Today we have enlisted top 10 email tracking software to bring an ease to your selection.



TrackKnight is an excellent email tracker free and paid available in the market. It can be easily integrated with your Gmail and Outlook accounts. Upon successful sign-up process, you may easily download and install Chrome and Firefox extensions. It shares all information that happened to your email after reaching to recipient’s inbox. It will let the sender know when email was opened and read by the prospect.

It also allows managing complete team. TrackKnight is a software that enables the business to buy the complete team and manage them accordingly.

Packages: It offers three plans (Basic, Professional, Pro Team) on the monthly and yearly basis.     



Yesware is an email tracking system that follows your send messages. It also allows you to schedule a message to send later. Its scheduling feature enables the business to plan a complete follow-up campaign. It is a fully integrated system with Gmail and Outlook.

All important information shared by Yesware supports a business in getting acknowledged regarding your email strategy. It enables to know when an email is read by prospect along with device information. It allows personalizing an email

Package: It offers 4 packages that are Pro, Team, Enterprise, and Enterprise + Phone.



Newton is another email tracking tool that is reliable and simple software. It enables you to know when, where and who read your message. It makes you follow up effectively. It features and criteria is quite different from other software. It can be used on different devices including Android, IOS, Mac, and Windows. Some of its unique features are, snooze an email, send later, undo send and sender profile etc.

Package: Newton is offering 14 days free trial and could be upgraded afterward.



SalesHandy is a platform that offers email tracker free, without any limitations. It enables to track information from Gmail and Outlook with a plugin. It tracks email open rate, message replies, and team performance. You may schedule your messages to send later and follow-up email.

Package: SalesHandy is offering 4 different plans that are the free plan, regular, plus and enterprises.



Bananatag is an extension that could be used as with chrome and Firefox. It displays a complete and comprehensive tracking report of your email messages. It immediately notifies you that prospect has opened, read your message. They clicked available links along with device and location information.

Package: It is offering three variant packages according to its feature limitation that is Free, Pro and Teams.



SideKick is another tool with a lot of amazing features. It includes:

  • Detail contact information along with complete history.
  • Notify regarding email open, clicks rates, device information etc.
  • Email scheduling features also included in this tool.

Package: It is offering 5 different promotions differentiate according to features. Its bundles are free, Starter, Basic, professional and Enterprises.



ToutApp is a comprehensive sales solution that boosts your performance. It has excellent tracking features enable real-time reporting and statistics. This is a tool that specially designed to standardize and streamline business sales and marketing.

Package: Along with free trial it is offering premium and enterprise package.

Contact Monkey


ContactMonkey is a brilliant email tracker that notify the sender when & and how many times it was read, clicked links along with detailed device information. It is essential for salespeople to get acknowledgment regarding prospect engagement.  It is an advanced email tracking software that directly integrates with to inbox.

Package: They are offering 3 payment plans professional, team and salesforce.



MailTrack is email tracker free with amazing features. It enables tracking with within your inbox. If your message is read by the prospect, it will automatically “Double-tick”. It indicated that an email is read and viewed while single tick will show it is unread.

Package: MailTrack is offering 4 package plans that include Free, Pro, Teams, and Enterprises.



Boomerang is a simple tool that let the sender control their emails messages. It allows reminders for follow-up messages. If you’re not hearing back from your prospect it will remind you accordingly. It allows controlling your iOS and Android smartphone.

Package: It is offering 4 different plans that are Basic, Professional, Pro, and Premium.

These are top 10 email tracker free available in the market to boost your sales, marketing, and other important strategies. This collection will enable you to select your required software that best suitable for the business.

Is Free Email Tracking Software Effective?

Free email tracking software

While purchasing an email tracking software there are different plans available on the monthly and yearly basis. Service providers normally offer a limited free trial that drives towards an effective decision. Tracking is offering a lifetime plan for its clients that are free email tracking software. It is not going to expire because it’s completely up to you if you’re interested in purchasing it or want to enjoy without any cost. It is a perfect solution, especially for the new users. The ones who want to assemble email events and review the engagement rates. It is an approach to know more about the software and its features before spending on it.

A free email tracking software is effective enough to ensure your initial level sale’s impact. It’s events are supportive in acknowledgment whether a prospect is ignoring your message or haven’t received it. The free version of the software will also let the business owners know whether it is compatible enough with all of the essential business requirements or not. Without using a free or trial version of a software it seems difficult to recognize its effectiveness for your own business.

If a software is running effectively with some other organization similar to your business niche, it doesn’t mean that will work same for you too. Therefore, it is better to use some free email tracking software version before making your final selection. Let your management use its feature and share their reviews. So, a free version is effectively beneficent for your sales continues growth and success.

How Free Email Tracking Software Works?

Our free email tracking software is enriched with different features and easy to access. But along with all benefits, it limits the tracking events. In this basic plan, you are allowed to track 100 events within a month. These 100 events will be automatically updated to your account after one month.

If you want to exceed the limit of 100 events, upgrade your plan from basic to professional or pro-team. But if you don’t want to upgrade, don’t worry because it is not necessary. You are not forced to upgrade until you find it essential for yourself to business.

This free email tracking software is available with easy email, links and location tracking. It helps you in knowing customer engagement ratio and share brief tracking reports. Customized reporting supports the business of generating an effective email with improved strategies.

On upgrading to professional package, unlimited tracking will be allowed while in pro-team it will be easier to assemble the states of the client as well as your own team. Within in basic plan of an email tracking software, client’s location could also be tracked to improve support and service quality.

Top 5 Benefits of an Email Tracking Software

Email Tracking Software

Today in the era of technology, an email tracking software benefits the business with a different approach. This software enables the sender to get acknowledgment if sent message if opened by the receiver or any of the available link is clicked or attached file is opened. The shared information positively impacts the business by accelerating its sales and marketing efforts. It shares direct insights of a particular message that sender wants to follow. Real-time notifications could be utilized by management as well as marketing/salesperson. Email tracking enables right decision at the accurate time that increases its profitability and team productivity.

Advantages of Email Tracking Software

Email tracking software has advanced the insights and makes the prospect feel naked. One can track conversation easily without even any acknowledgment. Besides all other things, it is one of the brilliant sales/marketing tool available because it follows all applicable laws. An efficient email tracking software offers a lot of benefits. Some of the major advantages are enlisted below:

Cost Saving

In the old traditional system, the salespersons or marketers use to save email printout for record keeping and follow-up. But the arrival of an email tracking software has made things easier to follow-up and concentrate. This one-time investment will save time as well as money.

Employer/entrepreneur may easily handle all the follow-up and marketing strategies with the support of an efficient email tracking system.  This is a great tool for salespeople to improve their productivity and outcomes. The requirement of email printing is no longer, other short investments are also not appreciated.

Time Saving

Time is money and it couldn’t be denied. A business owner deeply understands the worth of time, therefore, they want speedy and effective approach. An email tracking software tracks and display the email results to ensure the interactions and activities. An email is a direct communication of client and marketer/business and an email tracking software supports in by sharing instant insights.

Competitive Advantage

Getting acknowledgment of successful message delivery can automatically modify your approach and enhance understanding as well as market values. Once you know that the message has been opened by the client, it will be easier to define next strategy. While staying in market competition it is necessary to focus ahead in a convenient way.

Team Productivity

Sales team use to send random emails to their clients but unable to achieve their target. Management/supervisor have no time to check all of their message for a performance review. An effective email tracking software enables them to the management team as well as a client at the same time. Team supervisor can easily track, how many emails of specified team member got client’s response as well as neglected. Ignore email messages could be easily tracked and sorted to review and modifications.

These are few benefits that a business may attain with the support of an effective email tracking software solution. It will enhance success ratio within few clicks. Normally business success is dependent on all factors that include:

  • Client response to query
  • Business cost
  • Market competition
  • Team productivity

An email tracking system could be used as problem identifier whether the content is required to change of email format needs variations. Selection of right email tracking software for your business is essentially required to enhance the system upgrading.

How an Email Tracking Software Support Business?

A sales email is today’s most common mode of communication among the organization and prospect. After sending an email, its success rate is dependent on prospect’s reaction and response. An email is a communication tool for both personal and professional conversation. Sometimes the prospect takes hours or days in response back due to several conditions or they might haven’t received the message. Here, email tracking software plays an important role in knowing the great insights of communication without prospect’s acknowledgment.

What Actually An Email Tracking Is?

An email tracking is actually a service that intimates the sender, their message has successfully forwarded and read by the prospect. It provides a comprehensive reporting whether an email message has been successfully forwarded to prospect’s inbox or not. On successful email delivery whether it is opened by the prospect or not and much more information could be collected with the support of email tracking.

An email tracking software enables complete follow-up of your message. It doesn’t need any permission or acknowledgment from the recipient. Software tracking automatically notifies the sender regarding message delivery.

What Is An Email Tracking Software And How It Works?

An email tracking software could be a plugin or extension and require an installation to your Gmail, Firefox and an Outlook. Rather than the extension a cloud-based website also stores the notifications. Through an email tracking software, it becomes easier to track email events after hitting the send button.

  • Email Open
  • Link Tracking
  • Attachment Tracking

Usually, an email forwarded to junk folder but sender waits for client’s response by considering that it is successfully delivered to the inbox. An email tracking software allows the sender to get acknowledgment without bothering the recipient. It provides invisible tracking, notifies the sender if an email is received and opened by the receiver. It display:

  • Time: at which an email is opened
  • How many time receiver has opened an email?

Usually, marketers and the salespersons attach their organization’s portfolio by adding the link in an email. Effective and efficient software follow all those links too. By following the links they share:

  • Time: At which linked was clicked
  • How many times they’ve clicked the link?

Documents also use to attach along with an email, contract docs, new promotion images and much more. Without an acknowledgment, it is quite difficult to know whether documentation has been checked or not.

  • Time: At which attachment checked
  • How many time they’ve viewed the documentation?

Process of Installation & Tracking

Open website and purchase your desired package that meets your requirements along in affordable amount. Complete all of the required information for successful signup. Once the extension is successfully installed, set the preferences by logging in to the website. Download your desired extension and start tracking your emails.

A checkbox will appear at the bottom of your mail composer that require to check or uncheck for following the message. If any of the messages are not required to track, simply uncheck the box and send your email.

The recipient will not be able to get any notification/alert regarding the tracker. After sending the message, if anyone open/read the mail click available links, as well as attachments email tracking software, will immediately send a notification. It is considered as an instant acknowledgment.

An email tracking software is the best approach of getting immediate message insights associated with recipient’s reaction. It supports the business in improving their strategies along with complete team management. It became easier to manage your clients and team equally and efficiently. It is undoubtedly enhancing the strategies and drive business towards the heights of success.