6 Email Mistakes That Ruined Your Follow-Up Emails



Cold emails writing is a common practice by the companies and the individuals to get direct access to their desired clients at once. This is not an easy way to reach the desired and potential clients but for the experts, because in cold emails the marketers or the sales persons should be more careful and clear in their communication. Email is considered as a sort of frontline communication between two professionals, accurately and efficiently written emails will grab the receiver’s attention otherwise could be a part of spam or trash. Your sales, as well as follow-up email, could get the client’s response just need to avoid 6 email mistakes.

6 Email Mistakes That Ruined Your Follow-Up Emails

1st Email Mistake: Email without context

You are writing a follow-up email to your prospect without having any context simply means you have made up your mind to lose your prospect. Let me make it clearer that you are sending an email but haven’t filled the specific information means you’re forcing your busy prospect to spend their valuable time in understanding and figuring out the things you are talking about. Make it clear that there are not many chances of their understanding so all your efforts are in vain.

The solution:

First of all, make it sure that you are sending follow-up email on the same thread since they don’t have time to search their inbox for the original context of email. Make things easier for the prospect by keeping all email conversation on the same thread that could give them the reference of your first email.

Your follow-up email should also precise and to the point, that rememorize the prospect regarding the exact propose of your writing. In your follow-up email quickly remind the prospect that you are waiting to hear from them along with a short description.


Hi, Ali!

I just wanted to get back on my previous email re: get a free trail of TrackKnight. Could you give me just 15 minutes for a quick call on this weekend?

2nd Email Mistake: You’re sending but not comprehending the follow-up email

In the follow-up email you should be clear that you’re not sending a cold email but a follow-up email. If you have sent an email its prior history should be properly kept and maintained might be after 2-3 month you are getting a response from the prospect or need to send a follow-up email. If you haven’t kept or checked the record that means you’re unable to provide the reference or again sending the cold email having complete details from start to end like reintroducing your organization as well as yourself too.

The Solution

Keep the complete records of your emails and always check the history of your CRM before sending any email.

3rd Email Mistake: Haven’t pulled precise information

If you are using a custom field in your email or have already prepared some email templates that require the customization, it is necessary to fill up complete information. If you haven’t filled all required information in a proper place that shows that prospect that “you haven’t given proper attention to specifically writing an email for them”.  It doesn’t leave a good impression as well as couldn’t build a relationship with the client.

The Solution

Always double check the email before sending it to the recipient, it takes just two minutes but you’ll be able to give a worth to your email as well as the client. If you already have created email templates highlight the custom fields in your templates your email rechecking will be easier.

4th Email Mistake: Haven’t addressed all significant players

You are sending an email to the company but ignored or missed the significant players, you’re doing an unavoidable mistake. You are going to sending an email to the team but have mentioned one key player that shows you’re addressing with one person, therefore, the remaining people will ignore your email.


“To: Ali Nawaz ali@trackkignt.com, Usman Tahir usman@trackknight.com

Hi Ali,

Thanks a lot for sharing your concerns with us.”

This is not a way you have added multiple email address but addressing with an individual specifying with their name.

The Solution

The best way of writing such emails is to address collectively with the team.

5th Email Mistake: Just sound as a Machine

Sometimes the sales person sounds like a machine or a robot because they tried to be extra efficient by writing critical follow-up emails. They are trained in writing such emails by considering it leave a good impact to the prospect but just have to look it again and rethink like a prospect. The prospect is busy and has received an email with difficult and long conversation, don’t you think they’ll find it easier to hit the “delete button”.

The Solution

Use clear and simple language in your email to grab the attention of your prospect like you may use “we’ve received” instead of using “we are in receipt of” etc.

6th Email Mistake: Haven’t completed essential research

You are sending cold or follow-up email but still, haven’t completed the research related to the prospect or their organization. Before getting in contact with the prospect it is important to collect their professional details as well as the details of their business. You’ll come to know that you are trying to contact with the right or potential client, your research is also going to help you in the way of your communication with that prospect.

The Solution

LinkedIn profile is the best way to know about the professional details of your prospect.