How to Write an Effective Formal Email for Prospect?


Effective Formal Email

It is quite difficult to write an email to the prospect for very first time. An email necessarily requires being formal and effective. An email should be clear, to the point and follow the standard of formal writing.

Difference B/W Informal and Formal Email

An informal email message has fragments and comma merges while formal writing owns conjunctions, transition words, and complete sentences. A short list of formal and informal writing differences is given below to make thing clearer.

Formal Writing Informal Writing
Own complete sentence Don’t always have complete sentence
Contractions are not allowed Contractions can be used
Use conjunctions Comma splices
Paragraph format Resembles text messages
Punctuations are essential Lack of punctuations
Formal greetings Informal greetings
Formal sign-offs Informal sign-offs

These are few differences of formal and Informal email writings that are important to understanding while writing to a prospect.

Writing an Effective Formal Email

While writing an effective formal email prepare a checklist of the following format to ensure its effectiveness.

  • Always use the professional email address to exhibit sender’s identity and ensures email’s security to the prospect. e.g.
  • Avoid the usage of non-professional fonts within an email. Font style, color, and size both should be professional and consistent throughout the message.
  • The subject line should accurately describe the purpose of writing with the use of keywords.
  • An effective formal email contains proper salutation to address the recipient.
  • Use the first paragraph for the purpose of a proper You are writing to a prospect and they don’t even know you, it is essential to give them an introduction to building a relationship.
  • Be formal and straightforwardly come to the purpose of your writing in an official way.
  • Avoid the irrelevant content including the jokes and emoji.

Once an effective formal email is written, utilize some of the time to proofread. Proofreading is an efficient approach to make it free from grammatical and spelling errors. Don’t forget to utilize the services of some free email tracking software gather the outcomes of your efforts.