Top 10 Best Email Tracker Free Software of 2017


Email Tracker Free

Consistent monitoring enables a business, person, and team to grow and excel with positive energy. Your customer, as well as internal communication, is one of the most important factors that requires continues monitoring. It enables you to understand where actually you stand and what you want to achieve in life. There are a lot of email tracker free and paid are available in the market to ease your life as a marketer, sales person, and business owner. There might some limitation between a paid and free version. Today we have enlisted top 10 email tracking software to bring an ease to your selection.



TrackKnight is an excellent email tracker free and paid available in the market. It can be easily integrated with your Gmail and Outlook accounts. Upon successful sign-up process, you may easily download and install Chrome and Firefox extensions. It shares all information that happened to your email after reaching to recipient’s inbox. It will let the sender know when email was opened and read by the prospect.

It also allows managing complete team. TrackKnight is a software that enables the business to buy the complete team and manage them accordingly.

Packages: It offers three plans (Basic, Professional, Pro Team) on the monthly and yearly basis.     



Yesware is an email tracking system that follows your send messages. It also allows you to schedule a message to send later. Its scheduling feature enables the business to plan a complete follow-up campaign. It is a fully integrated system with Gmail and Outlook.

All important information shared by Yesware supports a business in getting acknowledged regarding your email strategy. It enables to know when an email is read by prospect along with device information. It allows personalizing an email

Package: It offers 4 packages that are Pro, Team, Enterprise, and Enterprise + Phone.



Newton is another email tracking tool that is reliable and simple software. It enables you to know when, where and who read your message. It makes you follow up effectively. It features and criteria is quite different from other software. It can be used on different devices including Android, IOS, Mac, and Windows. Some of its unique features are, snooze an email, send later, undo send and sender profile etc.

Package: Newton is offering 14 days free trial and could be upgraded afterward.



SalesHandy is a platform that offers email tracker free, without any limitations. It enables to track information from Gmail and Outlook with a plugin. It tracks email open rate, message replies, and team performance. You may schedule your messages to send later and follow-up email.

Package: SalesHandy is offering 4 different plans that are the free plan, regular, plus and enterprises.



Bananatag is an extension that could be used as with chrome and Firefox. It displays a complete and comprehensive tracking report of your email messages. It immediately notifies you that prospect has opened, read your message. They clicked available links along with device and location information.

Package: It is offering three variant packages according to its feature limitation that is Free, Pro and Teams.



SideKick is another tool with a lot of amazing features. It includes:

  • Detail contact information along with complete history.
  • Notify regarding email open, clicks rates, device information etc.
  • Email scheduling features also included in this tool.

Package: It is offering 5 different promotions differentiate according to features. Its bundles are free, Starter, Basic, professional and Enterprises.



ToutApp is a comprehensive sales solution that boosts your performance. It has excellent tracking features enable real-time reporting and statistics. This is a tool that specially designed to standardize and streamline business sales and marketing.

Package: Along with free trial it is offering premium and enterprise package.

Contact Monkey


ContactMonkey is a brilliant email tracker that notify the sender when & and how many times it was read, clicked links along with detailed device information. It is essential for salespeople to get acknowledgment regarding prospect engagement.  It is an advanced email tracking software that directly integrates with to inbox.

Package: They are offering 3 payment plans professional, team and salesforce.



MailTrack is email tracker free with amazing features. It enables tracking with within your inbox. If your message is read by the prospect, it will automatically “Double-tick”. It indicated that an email is read and viewed while single tick will show it is unread.

Package: MailTrack is offering 4 package plans that include Free, Pro, Teams, and Enterprises.



Boomerang is a simple tool that let the sender control their emails messages. It allows reminders for follow-up messages. If you’re not hearing back from your prospect it will remind you accordingly. It allows controlling your iOS and Android smartphone.

Package: It is offering 4 different plans that are Basic, Professional, Pro, and Premium.

These are top 10 email tracker free available in the market to boost your sales, marketing, and other important strategies. This collection will enable you to select your required software that best suitable for the business.