The best time to send email for getting response from the recipients



If you are working in email marketing campaign and need the response from the recipients, it is essential to know about the best time of sending your messages. Often people read the message within one hour but after 24 hours the chances to response would be almost finished. Therefore if you send an email at the wrong time the chances of success could be over.

Here we’ll share the best time to send your email messages to get replies.

What would be the best day to send email for getting a response?

Now this is really a question that if emails sent on weekends got a response, my answer would be yes of course actually, it receives a high rate of response. No need to be surprised, normally a load of emails on weekends is significantly low therefore the recipients would be available to pay attention and reply. According to a search, the email rate is low on weekends if someone is receiving 1000 emails on normal weekdays, on weekends it will be reduced to the 300-400 emails. Low email receiving means they got some time to review and respond your email message on the other hand if you send right email on right time but on the wrong day of a week, you will be not able to get response or review.

According to a search of Dan Zarella’s the best day to send your email message is Saturday and Sunday while the best timing would be 6 am because this is a time when open rates are the highest. There are different studies and different results to whom should you believe?

To get the information you should test the research by yourself. It is a better option instead of considering anyone’s thought. You might be thinking how to test? So we are here to guide you it is not tough let suppose you have 1000 clients to whom you have to send the emails. Schedule the time of email sending at a different time and different days. You will be able to get your desired result and with the consistent result, it will get confirmation that your tested results are efficiently proved.

What would be the best time to send email for getting a response?

Now this is a question that actually matters because the success of email marketing campaign depends on client’s engagement with that. According to some beneficial research it is being observed that almost 23% emails open within the 1st hour of delivery and with the passage of time the chances will reduce like during 2nd and 4th hour it will be 8%, in next 15 hours chances will be reduced to 3% while in 24 hours they could be 1% and after 24th hour the chance will be close to 0%. Almost 40% of emails sent between 6 am and noon and the email sent in the early morning and afternoon will get better chance to be noticed by the recipients and client’s busy or tough times would be 9 am to 11 am and 3 pm to 4 pm. During these tough times, they might have burden or work and email messages.


The best time of sending emails is the time of lowest email volumes, it could be early morning and afternoon. During your email marketing campaign doesn’t forget:

  • Email open and reply rates are maximum on the weekends because inbox competition is low.
  • People often response in the early morning or in evening.