How to Take Complete Control over Inbox to Track an Email?



Email communication is today’s most useful and rapidly using approach to connect personally and professionally. Especially it seems convenient and fast to professionally communicate through an email. Marketers use this channel to directly reach within the prospect’s inbox. Whether you own some personal mailbox or using it professionally a new message will surely create curiosity. It is important to take complete control over inbox to track an email and manage your messages accordingly. Manage your inbox according to the message priority, it supports in staying clear regarding your vision and save from any distraction.

Steps to Control Over Inbox

There are different approaches available to control your inbox messages.

Time Setting

There might be a busy schedule is facing you that make it difficult to check your email messages on the daily or hourly basis. Set your time of checking your inbox and responding accordingly. If you have logged in your message box all time, it may change your focus and attention. While you’re busy with some task and a message alert can disturb you by changing the focus. Such interruption should not be allowed. Therefore, schedule a specific amount of time to check your messages and respond accordingly.

Differentiate Between Personal and Professional

There should be a clear difference between your personal and official email addresses. If you’re going to mix them together, get yourself ready for a lot of confusion that may drive towards the blunders. It is necessary to create boundaries for your personal and professional communication. If you are using same email ID for both it may create different problems including:

  • Official email might be checked by your boss
  • It is not public property
  • Official account couldn’t be recovered if you’ve moved on
  • All of your important contacts will be left behind

So it is essential to create boundaries between an official and unofficial account. Two separate accounts will keep you more focused by eliminating the chances of errors.

Organize Your Inbox

One of the most important features to control over your inbox is to efficiently organize it. Don’t mess your inbox with a lot of relevant and irrelevant emails. Try to organize it according to label and folders. Important correspondence should be pinned to prioritize. Company details, contracts should be kept in separate folders. Your categorization and mailbox organization make it search-friendly.

Unsubscribe Unwanted Newsletters

Interacting the clients directly in their inbox has become today’s marketing trend. You might have subscribed a lot of newsletters and promotional updates. Marketers use to send emails on regular basis. Therefore, during inbox organization find out the messages or senders, you’re not interested in. Unsubscribe from all additional message sender and clear your inbox from all junk or irrelevant messages.

If an inbox receiving a lot of messages on daily basis, it will reduce email readability. At the same time having unread messages could automatically increase your frustration too. Now if your email is unorganized, means you’re unable to find whether the message is important or not. It will maximize the level of frustration that may distract you. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the above-mentioned steps to take complete control over inbox and track an email accordingly.