The 3 Pillars of Sales Team Success


Sales Team Success

The sales team is considered as a backbone or the strength of any business because this is the department that generates the revenue for any organization. A sales management priorities review points out that business development is dealing with two issues:

  • Implanting a deep understanding of prospects within their sales process
  • Improving efficiency

Here we will discuss the details to enhance the business by enhancing the sales productivity. The three pillars that would enhance the performance of sales team are mentioned below:

Centralized Culture:

Steve W. Martin, is a sales strategy professor at University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, he wrote in Harvard Business Review: “There is no single greater influence over the success of the sales organization than how the sales leadership creates the sales culture and environment for the people who will work for them”.
It is an important thing to have a centralized culture in an organization. In any central culture organization the decision would be taken by the leaders, and if the leader creates the centralized culture it will be a key to the successful sales team. It completely depends on the leader to create the culture. It encourages leaders to take following steps:

  • Bond the performance of team members to particular revenue goals.
  • Implementation control and command direction, but give the space, independence, and flexibility to attain goals by using their own strengths.
  • Encourage a DIY (Do it yourself) attitude
  • Raise their spirits by sharing the performance data.
  • Encourage them to maintain their high energy level.

Make Time Management Priority:

Time management is an important factor because as said: “Time and Tide wait for none”. We can say that “time is money” especially for the sales team but time management is the most challenging for them. They need more leads, revenue, and appointments in less time. If the sales team is efficiently managing their time, they could increase their sales too. Effective time management is necessary to getting through your tough schedule. Time management is not just about time; it is true objective is to emphasize your time on the most significant, high impact actions as a means of maximizing your efficiency and sales success.
Project management, time tracking tools, and CRM system should be assessed at organizational level because time management is the necessary to achieve the organizational goals instead of the individuals.

Simplify Your Compensation plan:

For the success of sales team, it is important to simplify the sales compensation plan of any organization. “Make it simple” should be the main objective of your compensation plan, it needs to be simple enough so sales team understand accurately how their performance associated with pay. Complex plans make it problematic for administrators to compute expenditures and for the sales team to know their payout structure will result in wasted money and unsatisfied, less creative sales team. The compensation plan should be simplified enough to support the sales models. Reward encourage learning, endorse cross-selling, and produce repeat revenue through current clients.


Workflows are essential to complement current procedures, it means that you shouldn’t attempt to fit a four-sided bolt in a round hole. Your team is a precious resource for defining the procedures, skills, and tools that you’ll need to attain sales team success. Always test before taking final decisions, and work with your team to gather a response and provide references. This response loop will be vital for making a system that works.