How to Send Tremendous Personalized Emails



Personalized emails are important to get the attention of your recipient towards your business because your email is your first impression and “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. It is important to convey a summarize message that is easy to read and easy to understand. Personalize emails could get almost 22% replay and 50% delivered rates. Email personalization doesn’t essential to be complex to resound with recipients.

Check out the 6 ways of email personalization described below:

Establishing commonality:

It is a most important elements of successful sales to establish the commonality, with the help of these commonalities sales person would get the attention of the recipient. The goal of founding commonality at the start of the sales process is to position the prospect at comfort. You are going to discuss their objectives, business, and challenges. They might feel uncomfortable revealing info to you. So, the best way to make sure that the prospect is comfortable is to help them remember that you’re another normal person on the other end of the line.

Create personalized emails by establishing commonalities:

You may establish commonalities, by viewing their social media profiles to know about their interests and hobbies. Check is there anything common that could be mentioned in the email. You may also highlight some commonalities regarding your education and sports. Robert Cialdini is a psychologist he said: “Similarity literally draws people together.”

Highlight uncommon commonalities in your email, if you send some movements to build a relationship with your prospect by establishing the commonalities you will surely get their attention it could be ice-breaking. Always remember “People don’t remember the process of your sales but remember the experience” As a sales person you can give them an excellent experience of your conversation by establishing these commonalities.

Mention mutual connections:

It is important to mention the mutual connection between you and your prospect in an email. By mentioning the mutual connection it will become easy for them to discuss their requirements and order details. If you are going to highlight your mutual connection in the sales email it means that you are going to give a reason to open your email and show interest to know about your product.

It is a human psychology, we often show interest in the things that could be referred by someone we know or we can say we value the opinion of others, the ones we trust.

How to use mutual connections:

  • You may mention your mutual connection in the subject line or in the body of and email as a reference
  • You may ask to send an email for you because it really matters for the recipient to know who has introduced them to you or who may introduce you to them.

Send an email at the perfect time:

Make sure that you are not wasting their and your own time, send them an email at a perfect time when your email would be noticed. Your recipient has time to read and reply your email. Usually, early morning is the best time to send your email, might me your prospect has a habit to go through the email at early morning. The other time of sending an email could be in afternoon, the time when their work burden is reduced.

Plan the strategy to send your email on best possible time. If you send your emails on perfect time the rate of opening and replying would be increased. You may choose the best and perfect time by sending the test emails.

Use their name more than once:

You can personalize the email by using the name of your prospect more than once in your email. Recipient’s name could be used in different places of the email body, you may use it in the subject line because it is good to increase the open rates of an email.

You may also use their name in the body of your email to make it more familiar and another point is to mention their name in the closing of your email. The more, you are going to use their name, the more they will find a smooth comfort level.

 Reference hiring pain points:

Complete your homework to get information about them, it is an effective way to talk about their pain points to get attention and reply back from the recipients.

You can personalize your email more effectively if you know the current business details and job openings. If they are hiring someone related to your product, you may refer it to your email. It is a way to show that your complete focus is your customer, not the product, your product is for the care of your customer.

Personalize email with praise:

You may personalize your email with the phrases, the complements used in emails will help to create positive attitudes of you and your company. It always works, even if the recipient knows that it is a sales tactic, it will still work.

How to use it?

Check out their recent promotions and achievements and add them in your emails but hold on, don’t say that “I liked it or I am impressed” but you may say “you are performing well or your company’s growing rapidly”. So, be specific in your emails this is the way to success.


These were some of the tactics to personalize your email in an effective and efficient way. If you are going to implement these tactics in you sales email, you are going to change the open and reply rate of your emails in a positive way.