Is Free Email Tracking Software Effective?


Free email tracking software

While purchasing an email tracking software there are different plans available on the monthly and yearly basis. Service providers normally offer a limited free trial that drives towards an effective decision. Tracking is offering a lifetime plan for its clients that are free email tracking software. It is not going to expire because it’s completely up to you if you’re interested in purchasing it or want to enjoy without any cost. It is a perfect solution, especially for the new users. The ones who want to assemble email events and review the engagement rates. It is an approach to know more about the software and its features before spending on it.

A free email tracking software is effective enough to ensure your initial level sale’s impact. It’s events are supportive in acknowledgment whether a prospect is ignoring your message or haven’t received it. The free version of the software will also let the business owners know whether it is compatible enough with all of the essential business requirements or not. Without using a free or trial version of a software it seems difficult to recognize its effectiveness for your own business.

If a software is running effectively with some other organization similar to your business niche, it doesn’t mean that will work same for you too. Therefore, it is better to use some free email tracking software version before making your final selection. Let your management use its feature and share their reviews. So, a free version is effectively beneficent for your sales continues growth and success.

How Free Email Tracking Software Works?

Our free email tracking software is enriched with different features and easy to access. But along with all benefits, it limits the tracking events. In this basic plan, you are allowed to track 100 events within a month. These 100 events will be automatically updated to your account after one month.

If you want to exceed the limit of 100 events, upgrade your plan from basic to professional or pro-team. But if you don’t want to upgrade, don’t worry because it is not necessary. You are not forced to upgrade until you find it essential for yourself to business.

This free email tracking software is available with easy email, links and location tracking. It helps you in knowing customer engagement ratio and share brief tracking reports. Customized reporting supports the business of generating an effective email with improved strategies.

On upgrading to professional package, unlimited tracking will be allowed while in pro-team it will be easier to assemble the states of the client as well as your own team. Within in basic plan of an email tracking software, client’s location could also be tracked to improve support and service quality.