How an Email Tracking Software Support Business?


A sales email is today’s most common mode of communication among the organization and prospect. After sending an email, its success rate is dependent on prospect’s reaction and response. An email is a communication tool for both personal and professional conversation. Sometimes the prospect takes hours or days in response back due to several conditions or they might haven’t received the message. Here, email tracking software plays an important role in knowing the great insights of communication without prospect’s acknowledgment.

What Actually An Email Tracking Is?

An email tracking is actually a service that intimates the sender, their message has successfully forwarded and read by the prospect. It provides a comprehensive reporting whether an email message has been successfully forwarded to prospect’s inbox or not. On successful email delivery whether it is opened by the prospect or not and much more information could be collected with the support of email tracking.

An email tracking software enables complete follow-up of your message. It doesn’t need any permission or acknowledgment from the recipient. Software tracking automatically notifies the sender regarding message delivery.

What Is An Email Tracking Software And How It Works?

An email tracking software could be a plugin or extension and require an installation to your Gmail, Firefox and an Outlook. Rather than the extension a cloud-based website also stores the notifications. Through an email tracking software, it becomes easier to track email events after hitting the send button.

  • Email Open
  • Link Tracking
  • Attachment Tracking

Usually, an email forwarded to junk folder but sender waits for client’s response by considering that it is successfully delivered to the inbox. An email tracking software allows the sender to get acknowledgment without bothering the recipient. It provides invisible tracking, notifies the sender if an email is received and opened by the receiver. It display:

  • Time: at which an email is opened
  • How many time receiver has opened an email?

Usually, marketers and the salespersons attach their organization’s portfolio by adding the link in an email. Effective and efficient software follow all those links too. By following the links they share:

  • Time: At which linked was clicked
  • How many times they’ve clicked the link?

Documents also use to attach along with an email, contract docs, new promotion images and much more. Without an acknowledgment, it is quite difficult to know whether documentation has been checked or not.

  • Time: At which attachment checked
  • How many time they’ve viewed the documentation?

Process of Installation & Tracking

Open website and purchase your desired package that meets your requirements along in affordable amount. Complete all of the required information for successful signup. Once the extension is successfully installed, set the preferences by logging in to the website. Download your desired extension and start tracking your emails.

A checkbox will appear at the bottom of your mail composer that require to check or uncheck for following the message. If any of the messages are not required to track, simply uncheck the box and send your email.

The recipient will not be able to get any notification/alert regarding the tracker. After sending the message, if anyone open/read the mail click available links, as well as attachments email tracking software, will immediately send a notification. It is considered as an instant acknowledgment.

An email tracking software is the best approach of getting immediate message insights associated with recipient’s reaction. It supports the business in improving their strategies along with complete team management. It became easier to manage your clients and team equally and efficiently. It is undoubtedly enhancing the strategies and drive business towards the heights of success.