Does An Email Tracking Software Always Work?



An email tracking software is usually used for today’s sales and marketing persons. It is used to follow your messages as well as team performance. Professionals use this tracker to know what is happening after hitting send button. They will be able to know whether the message has been opened, read and clicked or not. In simple words, this is an approach to optimize whether the prospect is interested in your business offer or not. Such tracking software is undoubtedly the powerful tools available in the market to know customer’s engagement. This software follows & work with an email without notifying the prospect or message receiver. It will be an invisible tracking to track your message and receiver details. Now here a question could arise, whether it always work or might be a chance of lacking is available.

There are some situations that may prevent an email tracking software to perform its tasks. Some of the important reasons that may stop an email tracking software to work are enlisted below:

Email Tracker Blocking

There are a variety of applications are available in the market for web and mobile. They support in blocking an email tracker. If a prospect has any of the plugin installed to prevent an email from tracking. There is no other approach available to get your message insights. These applications effectively used for Gmail and outlook whether in mobile or desktop.

Group Messages


If sales and marketing email messages are sent to the group, it is difficult to know who actually have opened the message. If you’ve sent a group email it will notify that someone has opened your message. It will not be clear who actually have read and clicked the message. It may harm your decision making and reduced tracking effectiveness.

Prevent Auto Image Loading

An email tracking software works with the support of auto-load images. If salesperson or marketer is not already in prospect’s contact list. They may use different image blockers that prevent to image autoloading. Image auto loading prevention has blocked email tracker working. If your 1st email is not getting a response or showing any tracking insights, it simply means the image isn’t autoloaded.

Marketer, salespersons, and advertisers always want to know more and more about their potential audience to improve their services and stay connected. Therefore, they use to share some of their updates and other engaging content to prospect. While they’re sending a message, it is not a simple message to keep the audience engaged. They use to attach some invisible tracker to follow email event and activities.

Today’s prospect is fully aware of this trick of marketers. Therefore, they sort around the tactics to prevent the message from follow-up. A single chrome extension may secure an account from any sort of tracking and follow-up. Some of the users is not interested in downloading an extension they may simply turn off Gmail automatic image downloading. This is a time to educate the prospect that a secure and effective email tracking software couldn’t harm their data and privacy.