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Free Email Tracking Software

Sometimes there is not any direct source of communication with prospect and email is the only mode available. After sending an email sender keeps waiting till getting any response from the prospect. They even don’t know whether an email is opened by the recipient or not. The confusion of delivery is still there, till prospect’s response. Here different free email tracking software is available to make sender’s life easier.  This software supports the prospect in reviewing an email open, read and click-through rates. Such software reserves a significant importance in email marketing.

TrackKnight is one of the most important email tracking software available in the market. It efficiently tracks the result of an email to improve its efficiency. This is a tool to attain all important information regarding email events. When and who have opened it, whether they’ve clicked the available links or not.

Its analytics efficiently work to provide event tracking reports. It is an undoubtedly a time-saving approach to for marketing and management team. Along with prospect’s information, it allows higher authorities to manage their team’s performance. It is highly beneficial to increase sales as well as marketing team’s productivity. Prospect’s engagement level, as well as sales rep’s activities, can be easily followed. It offer’s real-time notification direct in the email whether it is Gmail or Outlook.

The point of attraction is its user-friendliness. It offers free as well as paid version that eases team according to their requirement. It meets the satisfaction level at a price. If the goals are clearly defined to sales or marketing team, TrackKnight is the best choice to get support in their achievement.