Top 5 Mistakes That Ruin Email Follow-up


An email follow-up is more challenging than a simple of the 1st message to your prospect. This message is usually written if you’re not getting any response. Don’t hesitate in writing a follow-up email because you’re not the only one writing it to your potential client. A good follow up email may successfully grab prospect’s attention and convert your prospect into a potential client. It is quite supportive of lead generation. But at the same time, a bad follow-up email could be a cause of recipient’s irritation. They might get annoyed and all of your efforts will be in vain.

Here, we are going to share some mistakes that ruin email follow-up for your sales.

Email without Context


Your potential prospect is getting minimum 100 email messages in a day. You’re writing a follow-up message but without connecting it to previous one. It takes time to know you and your purpose of writing without knowing the context. Don’t leave your prospect in dark. Don’t expect from the prospect that they’ll try to reach you in any aspect.

There are two ways to fix this problem or craft a context for your email follow-up.

Don’t compose a new or separate message for the follow-up email. You already have sent an email whether it is an introduction email. Make it sure to send follow-up message on replying back to same.

Don’t assume things by yourself. It is not necessary, they already read your message or remember that too. Because it might not possible they remember you. Therefore, make sure to give a quick reference to your previous message to elaborate your purpose of writing.

Enlightening Custom Fields

If you’re using some templates for email follow-up, your negligence may ruin it. Sometimes sender doesn’t pay attention to fill their custom fields including prospect & organization name etc.

If you’re making such mistakes, it simply means you’re not taking time in reviewing your message. Let’s have an example if you’re unable to update prospect’s name or organization name in follow-up. It may leave a bad impression they might think you’re not serious about getting in contact. They think that they worth nothing to you & your business.

If you want to fix this issue make it your habit to read & review every email before hitting Send button. Few minutes of consideration may provide good and effective results.

Addressing to Single Person

In B2B business, they are the different decision maker. While writing an email to some department if a salesperson in addressing one person by their name. Rest of them will not respond by considering it a conversation to some specific person. Therefore, always remember if you’re writing to some group of decision makers or the department don’t address anyone by name.

In such situation, you may address them collectively. If you’re addressing collectively, that means you’re seeking for their attention. Anyone of them may respond to message too.

Incomplete Research


If you’re sending an email but haven’t researched about the organization or the prospect, it may create a problem. Before sending your initial message it is your responsibility to research the person you’re going to address. You may search their social profiles especially LinkedIn profile to know more about them.

If you’re not getting any response to your initial message, this is a time to cross-check all information. Double check the information before sending email follow-up.

Don’t Act Like Robot

If your message seems to be robotic or is quite bore, remember it is not difficult for the prospect to move it to trash. So personalize your follow-up email to make it convenient for a prospect. Check your tone of the conversation, if it sounds like a robotic message changes it and personalize accordingly.

Final Thoughts


Your email follows up could ruin due to random mistakes that you’re not noticing. If you want to boost your business sales with an email marketing approach, it is necessary to pay attention to all minor mistakes and fix them up for best outcomes. These minor mistakes seem to be small but prospect may get annoyed by considering them non-professional approach. If you’re taking right steps to fix them all, you’ll definitely get a positive response. Don’t lose hope or get frustrated, but gradually put efforts and improve your approach to get success. Here an email tracking software is the best solution available to track results of your improvement.